I try to stay healthy, I really do. But there are some things in life that just require Mayo.

Sweet potato fries, bahn mi, sandwiches- you get my point.

Mayo to me is almost as indulgent as dessert. After all, it's decadent- creamy, fattening, and pure TASTE if you get the right kind.

The only store bought mayo I buy is Kewpie mayo. A Japanese brand of mayo that several food publications have dubbed as the most delicious mayo on the market. It's also weird as hell. It's this flexible plastic bottle that features the Kewpie logo- a doodle of a red baby. Why a baby? WHO knows. It can be found on amazon or at any asian grocery store

And it truly is delicious. I love using kewpie if I don't have time to make my own mayo, and if you add a bit of Sriracha to it...

BUT, when I can, I try to make homemade mayo. Let me tell you why. It's delicious, but more importantly, you can improvise. Make whatever the hell you want. Any kind of mayo. You got a base, just add some ingredients to it and make it into an aioli. And it's satisfying as hell when you tell your friends you made an aioli (which in reality is really just mayo with flavorings-traditionally garlic)

A note on the magic of eggs. They're an incredible emulsifier. They bind everything together and thus the magic of sauces and custards come to life. So if you 'break' the sauce by adding in too much oil at once, or it isn't combining for whatever other reason- add in another egg yolk- voila 

Honey Lemon Aioli and Spicy Paprika Aioli with sweet potato wedges

Honey Lemon Aioli and Spicy Paprika Aioli with sweet potato wedges


  • 1 cup of oil (I use Canola, but you can use others, I recommend looking it up, but sticking to a neutral flavorless type in general)
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tsp of Dijon
  • 2 tsp of lemon juice (or vinegar)
  • Salt to taste


  1. Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites
  2. Combine egg yolks, Dijon, lemon juice
  3. While mixing steadily with a whisk, add in the oil (teaspoon by teaspoon). So add in a teaspoon, mix until incorporated, then add in another
  4. Once the mixture reaches the consistency of mayonnaise you can add in tablespoon by tablespoon (still mixing steadily) until you use all of the oil
  5. Add in whatever you want to the mayo and season with salt

Now comes the part that makes this all worth it

You can make Honey Lemon Aioli (which is incredible trust me on this) which requires lemon zest and about 1/4 tablespoon of honey. This is mostly to taste

You can add in Sriracha, or other hot spices

Add in garlic paste! Add in basil! Honestly just whatever sounds good to you! Just add things you think will taste good together, you don't need exact measurements. Just taste while you keep adding ingredients

It's all a matter of what flavors you want, so experiment! If you're craving middle eastern flavors use those spices, something like Za'atar, or capers and other Mediterranean flavors if that's what you're looking for