New year new rut

Not gonna lie, since my last post I've been somewhat in a cooking rut. It was a combination of several cooking disasters and a general lack of time that put me off.

In the time I've been fairly inactive I turned 21! Ben came up from Cali and spent about a month in Massachusetts. I saw Trumbo which was amazing, ate at a swanky restaurant (Toro in the South End in Boston), had my first legal cocktail, and ate at Noodle Bar when I came to NY. Which was...everything I hoped it would be. The most perfect ramen, the most perfect and succulent pork buns, just...incredible. I finally got to eat at one of David Chang's restaurants.

My first legal drink- A Beellini

My first legal drink- A Beellini

First time eating at my idol's- David Chang- restaurant, Noodle Bar for my birthday

First time eating at my idol's- David Chang- restaurant, Noodle Bar for my birthday

Birthday cheesecake cupcake

Birthday cheesecake cupcake

My friends also held a belated friendsgiving. Which was when the first kitchen disaster struck, and it struck hard. Being over confident I convinced myself I could cook four dishes for 20 people no problem in the 3 hours of prep time I had (after work and before the event). Obviously that didn't work out too well. And not only did half my dishes fail miserably, I also managed to clog the sink so thoroughly, the pipes leaked all over onto the floor and our kitchen was unusable for days there after.

Pretty demoralizing.

I did get two new cookbooks for my secret santa present (which we do on friendsgiving) which lightened my mood up a little.

When Ben was crashing at my place I attempted to make a few different recipes: Roasted Banana Ice cream, Lamb Rendang, and a Soba noodle dish.

All which FAILED.

My roasted banana ice cream recipe didn't have many stabilizers in it, and my freezer is somewhat temperamental, so it turned into this overpowering ice goop.

My soba noodles came out all sticky and oozing

And, the most tragic of all, after the $50 of ingredients I gathered for my lamb dish that was supposed to simmer for four hours...

In the last hour it burned. Unsalvageable. And the last straw.

I gave up after all that. I may or may not have cried after my beautiful lamb was reduced to a charcoal mess. However, I've started up my Level II classes at the cooking school last week though and that's been a breath of fresh air.

Since the new year, I've been pretty tied up with work. I'm completing my last semester ever before I officially move to Los Angeles, and the work load has been...intense. 

After my cooking class last week I realized how much I missed it. I was a little rusty so I overcooked my recipe a little bit (I made duck), it was still delicious though, and more importantly I felt like I was back

As for now, while I'm taking cooking classes I don't really have time to cook on my own, but I'm gonna try to post up the recipes from class, and start cooking on my own once they end in March.

Otherwise I'm climbing out of this rut ;)