I have a slightly obsessive personality. In my constant pursuit for a creative outlet, I've picked up many interests only to quickly abandon them. Jazz piano, writing, poetry, drawing, etc.

So back in the spring, when I started getting drawn to cooking, I didn't take it too seriously. Unlike all my other one time endeavors, though, my interest didn't fade after a month or two. Instead I started investing most of my down time into research. I found myself constantly looking up techniques, food blogs, cookbooks, anything related to food. Except I didn't actually cook anything. 

I finally delved into it one day after crashing at my friends house. In exchange for letting me stay over, I made pancakes with apple filling for him and some other friends. I got the idea to start making brunch for them every weekend, and stuck with it. I loved it so much I signed up for a techniques course at a local culinary school.

I have a complicated relationship with food. Since high school, I've dealt with a variety of issues related to body image. I don't feel comfortable getting into it, but by cooking, I'm trying to heal my relationship with food. Cooking allows me to see food as an experience, rather than calories and something to fear. I'm still working through my issues, but since I've started exploring the culinary world, my perspective has changed. I've been introduced to the world of sustainability and culture. Food is INCREDIBLE and just this collective experience that everyone can partake in! It's health, it's being with your friends, it's experiencing culture, hard work- at it's very core, it's life itself